One measure of any breeders success is found on the Show Table.  How does your rabbit compare to the Standard of Perfection, as set forth by the American Rabbit Breeders Association and the National Federation of Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders?



Sunny Oaks Caerbannog (CJ293) took DOUBLE Best of Breeds and a Best 6 Class at the Long Island Rabbit Breeders Spring Shows, April 2013. These are her third and fourth earned "legs", Registered and awaiting approval for Grand Champion at almost a year of age.


  Sunny Oaks Vesueus (CJ286) was awarded Best of Variety Blue at the 2012 Cortland Spring Specialty Weekend (4/28 - 4/29) in 2 out of 3 shows.  These are her second and third legs which will now be submitted for Grand Champion.  A young senior, weighing 16.8 lbs. she is presently bred to our Azure Blue (CM32).



 Azure Blue (CM32) out of our Sunny Oaks SoCo 'n Lime (CJ250 - now owned by Cody May, Elmira, NY) took Best of Breed at the Long Island Rabbit Breeders Assoc. Spring Show (3-31-12) as a JUNIOR!!!   He is a most handsome and promising young buck, weighing 13 lbs at 5 1/2 months.


  Ice Ice Baby (CJ187) - Sr. White Doe- won Best of Variety - White at the Cortland Encore , September 13, 2009.


 Cher  (CJ230) - Junior Blue Doe took 2 Best of Variety's - Blue at both the Cortland Classic and Cortland Encore shows, September 12-13, 2009.  She is just 3 1/2 months old and out of our Tina (CJ120) and Gemini (CJ185). Cher is presently "retired" (2012) and finished her show career with 9 GC legs. She is now mother and grandmother to several present and many future Grand Champions.



Sunny Oaks Ara (CJ158) awarded Best of Variety - Blue, at the Eastern States Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders  Specialty Show in Cortland, NY - April 27, 2008

under North Carolina judge Roger Bustle. 4 Grand Champion legs and not quite 9 months old! (2012- presently "retired" and mother, grandmother and great-grandmother to numerous Grand Champions and some of the FINEST blue Flemish I've ever had.)


Sunny Oaks Ara (CJ158) awarded  2 BEST OF BREEDS at the DOUBLE Long Island Rabbit Breeders All Breed Shows, April 12, 2008 Under two esteemed judges, Ruth Ann Bell and Bob Shaftoe! Her second and third Grand Champion Leg.


 Sunny Oaks Ara (CJ158)  awarded Best of Variety - Blue at the Southern Flemish Giant Specialty Club Show in North Carolina, April 6, 2008 over a very impressive showing. Ara is out of Moon Shadow and Superman, Grandaughter of Star Gazer, and just 8 months (and 2 days) old! Her first Grand Champion Leg!  


 Sunny Oaks Arcade (CJ130) shown as a Senior for the first time won Best Blue in Show, at the all Flemish Cortland Classic Specialty Shows I and II (9/8/07-9/9/07), under two esteemed Judges, Willie Davis and Ray Brewer. 


 We are so pleased with Iberia's Waikiki (WT21), taking Best White in Show at the Cortland Classic I (9/8/07).  Bred by Juan Perez of Iberia's Flemish Giants, . 

She is a beautiful, heavy boned doe with excellent rise and balance. (2011- Retired and official Flemish Giant Ambassador to local schools and education programs.)


 Our Garrett (CJ127)!  (Brother of Gabrielle)  Excellent shoulders, great width and awesome bone.  A very promising young buck who is still growing.  Best Opposite in Variety at the June 2007  Central Massachusetts Rabbit Breeders Network Specialty show.  He is the biggest sweetheart on four feet . 


 Our Gabrielle!  Best of Variety and Best Reserve at the April 2007 Long Island Rabbit Show.   Excellent color, great bone and length...

Best of Variety at the June 2007, Central Massachusetts Rabbit Breeders Network Show.


 This is our Arcade (CJ130), Best Junior Blue Doe at the Spring 2007 National Flemish Giant Specialty Show held at Cortland, New York.  She is a very promising doe out of "Lucky Me" and "Superman".

August 2007- Arcade is not quite a year and already 17.7 lbs.  She will be shown as a Senior (adult) for the first time in September.


Rio Grande! (CJ106 - ARBA Registered- Son of Tucson and Grandson of Arizona).   He was just 6 1/2 months old and was shown for the first time at the double Cortland Classic Specialty Shows, September 9 and 10, 2006.  Rio won Best Opposite in Variety at both shows !!

Rio weighs 14 lbs and is expected to continue growing for 6 more months.  He received two "leg" certificates towards his Grand Championship.

Rio won Best Opposite in Breed at the Nutmeg Rabbit Breeders show, September 17, 2006, under Judge Bob Shaftoe, winning his third "leg" certificate.  


 Meet Sante Fe, Rio's sister (CJ105) .  She placed first in her class of Intermediates at the Saturday Cortland show, 9/9/06, at 6/1/2 months old and was awarded her first "leg" certificate at her first show!  A very promising young girl !!!



 Amanda (CJ76) took home an awesome trophy for Best Blue from the September  2005 Cortland Classic, an all Flemish Specialty Show sponsored by the Eastern States Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders Assoc.


 Sunny Oaks Star Gazer  (CJ52-ARBA Registered):

Best of Variety-Blue at the Cortland Classic Flemish Giant Specialty -9/11/04

Best of Variety - Blue at the Nutmeg RBC Flemish Giant Specialty - 9/19/04

 Best of Variety - Blue at the 81st Annual ARBA Convention - 11/15/04

 BEST OF BREED - Long Island RBA - 4/2/05

Best of Variety - Catskill Region RCBA-Rhinebeck - 4/16/05