Flemish Giants

The Gentle Giants

Welcome to Sunny Oaks Rabbitry, home to the beautiful and uncommon Blue Flemish Giant Rabbits.  Bred for show and pet, these wonderful "Gentle Giants" make fabulous pets for the whole family.  When fully mature, these rabbits can average 16 - 18 lbs., and have been known to reach over 20 lbs.   Flemish Giants come in 7 ARBA recognized colors, Blue, Black, Fawn, Light Gray, Sandy, Steel, and White.  We breed and show the Blue, Black and White varieties.  Blue is the least common and most difficult color to breed true.  Our rabbits are bred for personality, color, size and body type.  We are an A.R.B.A. registered rabbitry, located on Long Island, in New York, and generally show in the Northeast US.


Please check out our Info page (top left Navigation Bar) with a brief history of the breed and suggestions for caring for a Flemish Giant or rabbits in general...


We breed our Flemish Giants between September and May.  We do not breed during the heat of the summer, for the sake of our does.  We do not sell any baby until it is over 12 weeks old.  Please contact us if you are interested in anything. 


We have added Silver Fox to our Rabbitry.  The Silver Fox is considered an American Heritage Breed, developed in the 1920's by W. B. Garland of North Canton, Ohio.  Today they are listed as Critical on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy watch list.  They are a large (10-12 lb.), beautiful,  rabbit known for it's long dark fur and beautiful overall silvering.  It is the only breed recognized by the ARBA to have "stand-up" fur.  They are a hardy breed and tend to be very gentle.  Black is the accepted show color, but they can be found in Blue as well.


Please note, we no longer breed the Mini Rex.  And we truly miss our little "clowns".  But we made the decision to focuse on the Flemish Giants and Silver Fox, for the improvements of the breeds.


Feel free to contact us.  Please note - We do not ship our bunnies.

 Arizona (White Buck) and Lilly (White Doe)- the foundations of our White Line.
No one could ask for sweeter, gentler bunnies!


A beautiful litter of White Flemish Giant babies at 4 weeks of age.





Sunny Oaks Star Gazer (CJ52) 19.0 lbs. Registered and Grand Champion (#X2696)

Multiple Best of Breed wins. Multiple Best of Variety wins.










Sunny Oaks Hermione




Blue Flemish Giant - at 16.5 lbs, a true ambassador to our Breed.









Sunny Oaks Arcade (CJ130) and her Best of Variety - Blue Trophies from the 2007 Cortland Classic and the Encore Flemish Giant Specialty Shows

We are proud members of:
  American Rabbit Breeders Association

  National Federation of Flemish Giant Breeders

  Eastern States Flemish Giant Breeders

  Long Island Rabbit Breeders Association

  (Please see our "Rabbit Links" page for more information on these organizations.)


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