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Meet some of our smaller Bunnies!




Sunny Oaks Curious George (SO67) out of Sirius Deep and Sunny Oaks Ditto.  Shown twice and already has a Best of Variety and Best of Opposite in Variety!  A very promising young buck.



Meet Sunny Oaks I-Hop (SO51 - ARBA Registered) - Son of Sirius Denny and Sunny Oaks Sky Blue. 



Clarence, (SO54), out of Sirius Denny and our Daisy (dual Best in Show winner).  Presently used as our Broken herd buck... which he's more willing to do than pose for a picture! 



Young Black, Blue and Broken babies!  So cute at this age! 


The Mini-Rex, and the full sized Rex, have a very different type of fur than other bunnies.  Due to a genetic mutation, their fur is all one length (guard hairs are the same length as the undercoat) giving a smooth feeling of velvet when touched.  In fact, some people refer to the Rex's as the living Velveteen Rabbit.  There are 14 different varieties approved for showing under ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Assoc.) standards.
We breed blues, blacks and broken (White with spots- like dalmations!)
The standard for the Mini-Rex calls for a small, compact rabbit with thick dense fur.  Maximum weight is 4.25 lbs for bucks and 4.5 lbs. for does.  They should have small heads, short ears and a nice smooth, rounded arch over their back.  They tend to be very gentle and loving and are a pleasure to pet and hold.  They are curious and energetic and and make wonderful Companion rabbits.

Please contact us for available babies.  We only breed occassionally for show and pet.  Personality is very important to us.